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Layette Ministry  
 Our Layette Ministry completed 50 layette bundles for local hospitals.  
Scholarship Forms 
Scholarship forms can now be downloaded on the Endowment Fund Web Page 
Oldtime JamboreeJuly 28, 2019.
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Lakeside Lutheran Community Sale, 2019
Our sale this year was another great success.  We received $9,024 in sales and had $7,847 to distribute after all the bills were paid.  The following is a list of our recent distributions:
Lakeside Lutheran - 15% retained       $1,353
Meat Certificates                                  $1,500
Webster Education Foundation               $500
Luther Park                                           $1,000
Spooner Regional Hospice                      $500
Yellow Lake Food Distribution                 $500
Larsen Family Library                              $500
Burnett County Salvation Army               $500
Total Distributed:                             $6,353