21st ANNUAL 
(Formerly “Trash and Treasure Sale”)
Our sale this year was another great success.  We received $9,024 in sales and had $7,847 to distribute after all the bills were paid.  The following is a list of our recent distributions:

Lakeside Lutheran - 15% retained       $1,353
Meat Certificates                                  $1,500
Webster Education Foundation               $500
Luther Park                                           $1,000
Spooner Regional Hospice                      $500
Yellow Lake Food Distribution                 $500
Larsen Family Library                              $500
Burnett County Salvation Army               $500
Total Distributed:                             $6,353

Our Lakeside Congregation worked very hard to make this sale possible.  We averaged 60-65 people per day and logged about 1700 hours.

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Congregation and Community for this great opportunity to help others and enjoy the fun and fellowship that was shared by everyone. Special thanks to our Chairman Ken Dobson for his hard work and effort in planning and organizing this sale.  We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to Kathy Young and  Don and Darlene Hallberg for applying for $250 Thrivent spending cards which were applied to the cost of the dumpster and road signs. The remaining funds will be held for needs that arise this winter and seed money for next year.

God Bless Everyone!

Margy Rogers, President of Social Concerns