Lakeside Lutheran Community Sale

When: the 3rd full week in June.
Sale days: Friday and Saturday (8:00 or 9:00 to 2:00).
Amount raised: approximately $150,000 over 14 years.

Workers time involved:
  • Set up tents (one new one for bags, shoes, etc. in 2013) plus four others.
  • Need many strong and tall helpers to erect tents.
  • Approximately 20 different areas are included in the sale including men, women, boutique, books, jewelry, children, games, kitchen stuff, furniture of all kinds, Christmas, 25 cent items to name a few.
  • Workers are needed to set up, organize, display and price all items.

All of this gathering and setting up takes the entire week prior to the sale.  Potluck lunch is prepared Monday through Thursday.  A clean up crew is needed Saturday afternoon.  We usually involve 50 to 75 people.  We need everyone who is able to get to the church.  There are indoor jobs, outdoor jobs, food prep, sitting jobs, and more.  The more people who volunteer, the easier it is on everybody!  Come join us!!

Crescent Lake Outreach

Last year we prepared  75 Thanksgiving Baskets.  This year our goal is to prepare 100 baskets this November.  The Webster school will help us with organizing this venture.  We welcome the following  donated items:

Cans of:
cranberries carnation milk
sweet potatoes vegetables
pumpkin jiffy pie crust
boxed dressing med size peanut butter

We also are in need of 100 cardboard boxes (e.g. apple boxes).

Donations will be accepted through November 12th.  Want to volunteer or have questions?  Call the Church office at 715-635-7791.


Lutheran Disaster Response 
In 2012, Lutheran Disaster Response served in every section of the U.S., working to serve our neighbors after floods, fires, and severe storms.  In the U.S. LDR works through 39 local affiliates across the county to respond to a disaster from the local level.  Internationally we work through long-standing global partners.  Through generous gifts the LDR has the staying power not only to meet immediate needs of the moment, but also the long-term goals of the communities we serve.  

ELCA Malaria Campaign
Every 60 seconds a child dies of malaria.  Half of the population of the world live where malaria is prevalent.  89% of malaria deaths occur in Africa and it is the 2nd leading cause of death from infectious diseases.

The ELCA has raises $9.2 million of the $15 million goal it set to eliminate deaths from this preventable disease.   Working with Lutheran churches in Africa, the ELCA is uniquely positioned to provide mosquito nets, insecticides, medication, health care, education and more to help eliminate deaths from this disease--for good.