Prayers are still needed for Vicki Wier’s daughter-in-law, Amy Roulet.  She has a long road to recovery from her cancer and brain aneurysms.  Currently, Amy is opening her eyes, can make eye contact and
move her left arm and leg.  To this point, she remains unable to communicate.  Her recovery has been and will be slow and she will need months of hospitalization and rehabilitation.  There is no way to know what the future holds or how long her recovery will be, but we continue to be optimistic and keep hope alive!  Amy will soon be transferred to Regency Hospital in Golden Valley where they will begin to work with her to regain her
speech and her mobility.

Amy’s medical challenges have taken an emotional and financial toll on her husband, Brian and their two girls, Cassidy and Hailey.  Brian was laid off from his job around the same time as Amy’s cancer was diagnosed and although he has since accepted a new position as a Quality Technition at RD Machine in Hutchinson, they continue to struggle with the stress of all that is going on as well as the medical bills and loss of income.  Brian was in the process of trying to remodel their aging home when all of this began so, unfortunately, they have been living in a home “under construction” during this time.

Vicki’s sister has created a “GOFUNDME” page where you can find out more information about Amy’s struggles if you go to:
     On the upper left, click on “search”
     Type “Amy Roulet”  then
     enter or return
You are not obligated in any way to donate but should you wish to and are having difficulty signing up, please contact Lakeside Community Lutheran Church and the office will gladly assist you.  Your credit card information will be needed.  You will also find the GoFundMe website at soon.
Please continue prayers for Amy Roulet for the her struggles against her challenges and for her family for support and strength.

God bless,