Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is under the direction of the Worship and Music Committee, and its purpose is to ensure that our sanctuary is free from distractions and inviting to worship.  There are more than 30 faithful workers regularly taking care of the small details necessary to enhance our worship services.
Members work in teams, and agree to serve one month each year.  These members prepare and assist at communion, as well as clean up, placement of altar flowers, banners, and paraments as well as general housekeeping duties in the chancel area.
Chairpersons: Worship Committee
Endowment Committee (Quarterly)
Endowment Fund:
The Endowment Fund is a permanent separate fund of Lakeside Community Lutheran Church established by the congregation in 1996 for the purpose of receiving and administering contributions designated to the Fund.
Endowment Fund Focus:
·  Scholarships
· Youth Activities Enhancing Growth in Christian Faith
·  Music for Spiritual Enhancement
·  Community and Social Ministry Needs
·  Special Needs of Lakeside Lutheran, including major capital improvements
·  Special Needs of ELCA Seminaries
Endowment Fund Committee:
The Endowment Fund Committee consists of seven members of Lakeside elected by the congregation to oversee the management
and distribution of the invested funds according to the Endowment Fund By-Laws and Policies of the Fund.

Chairperson:              Galen Pate (96)
Vice Chairperson:      Brenda Wheeler (83)
Recording Secretary: Kathy LeMay (159)
Financial Secretary:  Tom Schneiberg (164)
Mark Whiteside 
Dan Daehlin (154)
Linda Dobson (66)
Finance/Adhoc Memorials Committee - 2nd Thursday, 5:30 p.m. (Varies)
The function of the Finance Committee, as determined by the Church Council, is to provide for short and long range financial planning.  The committee together with the treasurer, monitors the financial condition of the church and makes financial recommendations to the Church Council for approval.  They are also responsible to plan and process the yearly budget.
The Memorial Committee works with monies that individuals give to the church in memory or honor of a loved ones. We have two categories, designed and undesignated funds. The contributor can designate specific projects.

Chairperson    John Lahner (168)
John Lemay (159)
Daryl Sulander (7)
Evie Moore (25)
Linda Dobson (66)
Ken Dobson (66)
Galen Pate (96)
Bob Struve (4) 
Funeral Committee:
 Anne Gelein(148)
Backup - Terri Elfstrom(12) 
Lakeside Lutheran Community Sale
Chairperson: Ken Dobson (66)
Margy Rogers (181)
Treasurer: Deb Studley

Lakeside Mission: Life - currently not meeting

The recently reorganized committee Lakeside Mission: Life is committed to meet the spiritual, physical and social needs and desires of the congregation.  As a result of a survey of the congregation, two new bible studies were initiated with plans for another to be held in spring.  A Senior Health Forum was held to address the concerns of aging and healthy living, exercise for seniors and end of life planning.  Also plans for theater and concerts throughout the fall and winter are being organized. Most importantly we are working closely with those who have expressed a desire to join Lakeside Community Lutheran Church, with a new member Sunday slated for November 10, 2013. These are ongoing activities of the committee and each year presents new and exciting ways to meet the needs of the congregation.

Chairperson        TBD



Mutual Ministry - Varies

The Mutual Ministry Committee is composed of six members nominated by the President of the Council and pastor. Their responsibility is to aid the congregation, council and staff in clarifying the emphasis of the mission and ministry of the church. They will assist in resolving areas of discord within the staff and congregation.
Chairperson:   Sandie Fisher (37)
Ken Dobson (66)
Dotty Busby (20)
Nominating Committee (2021):
Chairperson TBD
Vicki Wier(177)
Darlene Halberg(45)
Jodee Kratz(55)
Marcia Proehl(138)
Diane Hoff(65) 
Northwest Synod Delegates:
April 17, 2021
Bart Volkman, Deb Wertanen 
Property & Safety Committee - 1st Thursday, 8:00 a.m.
The Property & Safety Committee's main objective is to make certain that our facilities are made safe, and that they are maintained properly for all to use.
As usual, this committee is always challenged with interesting projects and concerns.  Our annual spring clean-up was one project.  We had a good turnout, and we would like to thank everyone who helped.  Also, thanks to all property committee members and others who helped with the crushed rock around the building.
Our next big project will be to refinish the outside worship area and install new seatbacks on the benches.  We can always use more help.  Lakeside is fortunate to have such willing workers.  If you would like to help, please contact someone on the Property Committee for the dates and time.

Co-Chairpersons Gordy Nelson (98) & Bryan Dugstad (157)
Doug Elfstrom (12)
Ed Schmidt (112)
Joe Conner (111)
Don Stamp (113)
Dick Haag (91)
Ken Dobson (66)
Wayne Lundeen (169)
Bob Proehl (138)
Randy Bennett (48)
Fred Paulson (145)
Tony Kallas (64)
Arlie Johnson(6) 
Shepherding Committee - Varies
Our congregation is divided into 12 Shepherding Groups.  Each group serves the congregation during an assigned month to assure that important basic functions of ministry are provided.  These tasks include:  greeters, ushers, acolyte, communion assistants, lectors, and fellowship servers.
"It's not about doing all the tasks perfectly.  It's not about treats we offer for fellowship.  It's about fellowship.  As a congregation we are a community and we are part of a larger community.  We are a family.  It's about service.  It's about relationships.  It's about faith."

Social Concerns Committee - 2nd Tuesday, 9:00 a.m.

The Social Concerns Committee is responsible for many of the community service activities that our church participates in.  This committee is responsible for running the Trash and Treasure sale, getting together the food and seeing to the distribution of baskets for Thanksgiving and helping out Crescent Lake Outreach in distribution of goods to the needy.  This distribution may include gas cards, payment of electric bills, food, and clothing.  We have been instrumental in giving winter clothes and boots to school children.  Proceeds from our Trash and Treasure sale go to many "helping" organizations in the community.

We are always looking for new and enthusiastic members.  We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00, April through December. If you are interested please contact Karen in the office and she will see that your name is forwarded to the appropriate person. We really do have a good time helping the community.

Chairperson                Margy Rogers (181)
Treasure                  Deb Studley (104) 

Darlene Hallberg Sec (45) 

Ruth Peterson (147) 

Marylin Anderson (2)
Sharon Knowler (35)            

Vicki Wier (177)

Vicki Struve(4)
Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship committee has the responsibility of reaching into the congregation to encourage participation of all congregational members in the church’s ministry through commitment of themselves, their time, their abilities and their financial resources.We help remind the congregation of their history of being GENEROUS GIVERS and we encourage GENEROUS LIVING/GIVING.
Our main task is to focus the congregation’s attention to prayerfully consider how they are using their time and talents and treasures.  In consultation with Council and Pastor, we will determine whether our annual stewardship focus will be on Time and Talents or financial pledging.
Chairperson TBD
Don Hallberg (45)
Karen Dietz(30)
President: Joylne Peterson & Sandie Fischer
Secretaries: Brenda Wheeler (83)
Treasure: Deb Studley (104)
Funeral CoChairs: Anne Gelein (148) _____
Sunshine: Mary Heenan (143)
Mission Growth: Carol Aakhus (1)
Mission Action: Dawn Straub
Mission Community: Mary Nelson(89) 

Worship & Music - 2nd Tuesday, 10:00 AM

The Worship and Music Committee ensures that the church runs smoothly, with the guidance and suggestion of our Pastor.  We address all complaints, ideas, and suggestions brought before the committee by concerned and interested congregation members.

The Worship and Music Committee is responsible for the Easter Memorial Garden, the Ecumenical Thanksgiving service and fellowship (every other year a Lakeside), the Lenten soup and sandwich supper followed by Lenten services.  Advent services and refreshments, and the Epiphany bonfire service and fellowship.

Chairperson:     Vicki Wier (177)
Marylin Anderson (2)
Margi Rogers (181)
Julie Swan (31)
Kathy Young (187)
Danny Wheeler (83)
Rhonda Schroeder(102) 
Pastor Bill  
Youth Education - 1st Wednesday, 6:00 p.m.

This committee's responsibility is to develop an effective education and youth ministry program that provides opportunity for learning and growth for the youth and the entire congregation.  They are also responsible to secure a person who will serve as the Sunday School superintendent and provide training of teachers and leaders.  They are to report to the Church Council on its activities.

Chairperson: Anna Treague (128)
Secretary: Rhonda Schroeder (102)
Financial Secretary: Laurie Lundeen (169) 

Deb Jackson (120)

Jill Schroeder (170)   


Updated March 16, 2021