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Job Opportunity, Accompanist: Read Job Description for Accompanist. 
After approximately three years (due to pandemic), a thorough cleaning in Lakeside's Kitchen took place on August 15th.  Dawn Straub, (Doug Straub is absent from photo), Deb Studley, Brenda Wheeler, Sandy Fisher, Ken Dobson, Linda Dobson, Jolyne Peterson all did wonders to the kitchen and Ken even cleaned quite a few of the church windows.  Custodian Tanya Nelson will follow up by doing a super scrub of the kitchen floor.  
 The 2022 WELCA Spring Luncheon was held at the beautiful "Tea in the Garden" located in Lindstrom, Minnesota.  Captured below are some of the ladies enjoying their day.
Welcome Pastor Lowell Bolstad, our interim Pastor. Read about pastor Lowell
Sunday, June 5th, Watch the celebration of Pastor Bill & Rhonda's retirement. Watch Now!
      View Pastor Bill's last sermon. Watch Now