To contribute money electronically to Lakeside Community Lutheran Church, you can use Zelle. Zelle is a secure on-line no-fee resource for transferring money. To use Zelle go to their website:  Zelle Website.



The Endowment Fund of Lakeside Community Lutheran Church was established to receive gifts, including securities, real estate, life insurance, cash and bequests to be invested, with the earnings being made available to provide additional financial support for the outreach programs of Lakeside.

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Why Zelle:
Members of the Finance Committee have looked into “No Fee Electronic Giving” programs that could be a convenient alternative to the Sunday morning envelope or loose cash collections for some members.

The Finance Committee sees three objectives for such a program.  First is to provide our members a consistent, secure, and seamless automated payment process to manage their financial support of Lakeside Community Lutheran Church through their own personal banking institution, at a time of their choosing.  Second, this program could be of benefit to those who are away during the winter months and want to continue to provide LCLC financial support on a consistent basis throughout the year.  Third, this consistency of revenue flow would be a big help in the financial management of the church budget throughout the

The program we found is,which is backed by the nation’s leading banks and credit unions, providing you a “no fee” transaction tool and secure way to send and receive money with peace of mind and without the hassle to almost anyone in the United States who has a bank account. John Lahner and Linda Dobson, in coordination with Marsha Bruner set up and
successfully tried the program.  It is easy!

To learn about this simple and convenient process, we encourage you to go to and click on “How It Works”,  “Get Video”, or “FAQ”. When you click on “Get Started”, you can scroll down to see if your financial institution is a participant in Zelle and then go to your financial institution website to get more information and set up anaccount.  Both U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo use Zelle.

For your convenience, we have made some copies of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on U. S. Bank and Wells Fargo sites and placed them on the counter in the mailbox area. For those who use Zelle and wish to submit an envelope on Sunday, stickers will be provided for your envelopes that state: “I gave Electronically”.  (Optional)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marsha Bruner, Linda Dobson, John Lahner or Ken Dobson.
 Lakeside Community Lutheran Church
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