Pastor: Mary Albing, Administrative Interim
For any emergency needs, please contact Pastor Danny Wheeler at 715-491-3494 

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Executive Committee                            At-Large Members
President Ken Dobson                           Roger Jackson


Vice-President Pat Sulander                  Evie Moore
Secretary Dave Speidel                         Bob Proehl

Treasurer Daryl Sulander                       Dave Swan

Financial Secretary Kathy LeMay          Danny Wheeler
Lakeside Community Lutheran Church Goals 2023/24
These goals are the result of needs revealed in the CAT survey conducted by Holy Cow. The following have been drafted after an all congregation meeting September 10, 2023 and were revised by the congregation council November 1, 2023.

LCLC is:
- a welcoming, accepting, forgiving, energetic ELCA community providing spiritual connection to God and
  neighbors near and far, and warm friendship and family connections.
- a mission-oriented, giving, caring congregation teaching members to be “little Christs” reaching out to neighbors in need.
- unique in its maturity and history.
- an alternative to more highly traditional neighboring congregations.

LCLC people are most proud of their:
- work to be Christ-centered and mission minded, especially with the work of WELCA and quilt making
- cohesiveness, strong leadership and ability to work together and support one another
- generosity with benevolence and community involvement
- generosity in caring for one another and being friendly and open to new people
- music
- facilities
- providing social outlets and activities for fellowship and to benefit the community
- many dedicated, hard workers
- flexibility with revolving pastors and the willingness to plan
Goal 1
Maintain and enhance LCLCs' "DNA" by building bridges and communicating within the congregation.

1. Create small group opportunities to get to know one another's needs and talents.
    Enhance respect and support to build up individuals and the community.
    Work on shepherding groups
    Organize dinner groups
    Invite cooks to teach and inspire
    Create common interest groups
    Provide Bible and book studies groups
    Organize “field trips”
    Organize retreats
    Organize other events, e.g. golf tournaments

2. Provide more large group social events for LCLC members
    Catered events
    Concert events
    Adult forums
    CPR/AED training
    Financial planning, e.g. with Thrivent

3. Support and thank leaders of various activities on a timely basis
    Add thank you to council agenda
    Thank worship committee members and other Sunday morning worship leaders
    Thank property committee members and highlight their work
    Thank financial contributors
    Thank WELCA members and highlight their work
    Consider co-chairs
     Improve coordination and communication with cards, prayers, etc.
    Be mindful of helping leaders by listening and staying on point

Goal 2
Become more visible in the community

1. Create and renew events that welcome neighbors
    “Marketing” LCLC
     In local papers
     Better signage
     Direct mail
     Write articles for local publications

2. Open doors for outside groups to use the building
Goal 3 
Learn to do better outreach

    Train members to invite to church and events
    Contact former, disconnected, previously active members
     Invite people new to the area
    Train how to invite
    Talk to other congregations to find out their methods
     Learn to invite in every circumstance

Goal 4
Strengthen mission support activities (i.e. financial transparency and fundraising)

    Teach financial planning
    Teach about ways to give
    Annual mission support emphasis
    Communicate to congregation regularly and add graphic representations
    Review Sunday offering practices

Goal 5
Continue trying new approaches to refresh our worship programs

     Be willing to try new things
     Encourage Worship and Music volunteers and staff
     Get congregation feedback on changes